Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
Straight line wire drawing machine is used to draw ow, medium and high carbon steel wire, ss wire, special alloy steel wire and other non-ferrous alloy steel wires.


Wet Wire Drawing Machine
Wet wire drawing machine is ideal for drawing small diameter wires, including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloys.


Inverted Drawing Machine
Inverted drawing machine, a member of dry wire drawing machine, is especially used for drawing ferrous and non-ferrous wires with large size.


    Wire drawing machinery - high performance but affordability

    Anping Junchi wire drawing machinery Co., Ltd., a professional wire drawing machine manufacturer in China, has been engaged in fabricating wire drawing machines and other auxiliaries for 15 years. Our company has accumulated rich experience of developing, designing and manufacturing qualified products with easy operation and safety. Wire drawing machines can be classified into two kinds by different lubrication conditions: dry drawing and wet drawing. Generally, straight line wire drawing machine is a kind of dry drawing machine, for its wire, coil and other related parts are not submersed in lubrication fluid. This drawing machine has better productivity due to higher drawing speeds with twist-free operation. As a result of good cooling condition, low torsion, less wire deviation, the finish wire has a better quality.

    In contrast to dry drawing, wet wire drawing is notable for its wire, coil are soaked in lubrication liquid. This makes sure good lubrication condition and reduces friction force between the wire and equipment. It is ideal for drawing fine wires, ferrous or non-ferrous.

    In addition, our company still produces related auxiliary, such as pointing machine, straightening and cutting machine, wire butt welding machine, wire payoff machine, vertical take-up machine. There are essential elements for a wire drawing industry and will improve the productivity.

    Anping Junchi wire drawing machinery Co., Ltd. Always has been doing endeavor to manufacture first-class equipment to meet with various requirements of our customers'.