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Resolution of high-speed problems

The drawing speed of high-carbon steel is partly restricted, for a higher drawing speed will create higher temperature which has a bad impact on the quality of the wire. Hence, the vital point is to reduce the wire temperature.

Presently, dies or capstans are usually cooled by water, which will work well at low speed. However, at higher drawing speed, water cooling is not efficient to cool the dies, the temperature of which will be more than 250℃. Another factor that affects drawing speed is the equipment.

Counter pull of straight  wire drawing machine reduces the pressure on the mold, then temperature of the dies will be lower and the drawing speed can be elevated. The straight wire drawing machine still has forced air cooling impact on the drawing wire, which to some extent lower the wire temperature. If wet wire drawing machine is employed, drawing speed can be greatly improved, with good mechanical abilities maintaining.

In recent years, hydrodynamic lubrication boxes developed by overseas counter partners reduces efficiently the temperature of the dies through improving boundary lubrication conditions. At the same time, drawing force decline and times of revering increase. It is proven that the way of hydrodynamic lubrication can effectively raise drawing speeds.

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