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Inverted drawing machine for large size wire

Inverted drawing machine, a dry wire drawing machine, is developed for no reverse of coils with heavy charging boxes, and equipped with dual functions - drawing and take-up. This wire drawing machine is especially applied for drawing wires of large sizes, including high & low carbon steel, stainless steel, abnormal wire and other large size of no-ferrous metals.  Maximum inlet diameter up to 30mm, roll diameter 600 to 1400mm.


  1. Available for continuous production of coil with heavy charging box.
  2. Easy operation and reliable control.
  3. 3-phase AC variable-frequency speed adjustment makes smooth stepless speed regulation possible and reduces at least 30% power.

Two types of inverted drawing machines are at stock. We still can manufacture custom wire drawing machines according to your special technical requirements.

ⅠInverted drawing machine (DL-1/550-1300)

Technical parameters:

Items Unit Model
Diameter of capstan mm Ф550-Ф1400
Maximum diameter of inlet wire mm Ф40
Intensity of material Mpa ≤1200
Compression rate % 15-30
Maximum drawing speed m/s 2.5
Motor power kw 11-110

Inverted wire drawing machine, max speed 2.5m/s, capstan diameter Ф550-Ф1400mm


ⅡInverted drawing machine (LDD600 ~ 1400)

Technical parameters:

Technical Parameters
Specification LDD600 LDD800 LDD900 LDD1200 LDD1400
Drum diameter (mm) 600 800 900 1200 1400
Maxi inlet tensile strength (Mpa) ~1250
Maxi inlet diameter (mm) 7 10 14 20 30
Compression rate % 20~28
Maxi speed (m/s) ~2.5 ~2.5 ~2 ~1.5 ~1.5
Power (KW) 15~45 55~75 75~90 90~132 110~150
Take-up weight (kg) 1000 2000 2000 2500 3000
Driving system strong narrow V joint group + standard reducer drive
Speed control AC variable-speed
Pay-off method adjustable in active state
Applications steel wires (high & low carbon steel, stainless steel), non-ferrous metals

Inverted drawing machine, max speed 1.5~2.5m/s; drum diameter 600~1400mm

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