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Multiple wire pointing machines for drawing wire equipment

Wire pointing machine is an essential equipment of metal wire drawing industry and widely used in the production of mild steel, high carbon steel, aluminum and copper wires. Point rolls are made of high carbon alloy steel with high surface hardness. the machine, mounted on 4 wheels, make it mobile and convenient to serve several drawing machines.

Operation principle:
End of raw materials should be rolled to a certain diameter which is small enough to go through the hole of the drawing die, and then drawing operation starts. It is applied for drawing copper, aluminum, iron and steel wires.

General features:

  1. Compact structure
  2. Small footprint
  3. Smooth and reliable transmission
  4. Convenient and safe to operate.
  5. Low noise
  6. High production efficiency

Several types of pointing machines are provided here:

  1. Rotary type pointing machine
  2. drawing-in pointing machine

Rotary type pointing machine

Rotary pointing machine, as an essential equipment of inverted vertical drawing machine, is ideal for the drawing of large-sized wires. The pointing, which is rolled accurately in 90 degrees of rotation, is easy to get through die and to draw.

Driven by ordinary motor
Pneumatic rotation
Mill roll uses special material for precision rolling.

Technological Parameters:

TYPE 32A 25A
pointing diameter (mm) 32-16 25-10
rotary range (angle) ±45° ±45°
pointing length (mm) 80-100 80-100
roll speed (r/min) 34 34
motor power (KW) 15 7.5

Rotary type pointing machine available for large-sized wire


drawing-in pointing machine

Drawing-in pointing machine , a vital accessory for straight, wet wire drawing machines, is used for pointing and drawing-in before wire drawing. It is driven by general motor and the rolls made of special material can make sure precision rolling. Plus, we can manufacture a single pointing machine as customer's requirements.

Main technical parameters:

pointing diameter (mm) 8.0-2.0 6.5-1.0 3.0-0.8
drum diameter (mm) 400-350 400-350 250-200
pointing length (mm) 100-150 100-150 100-150
roll speed (r/min) 16 16 26
motor power (KW) 3 3 1.5

Drawing-in point machine, pointing diameter from 0.8 - 8.0mm


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