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Straight line wire drawing machine for high speeding

Compared with other wire drawing machine, straight line wire drawing machine provides better drawability, lower frictional contact and less operator interference. In recent years, it is widely applied in Europe and the United States and other developed countries for its good performances.


  1. Low work hardening rate
    During the manufacturing process, this wire drawing machine adopt no bending, no torsion technologies and strong cooling technologies, all of which make the wire has a low work hardening rate and excellent toughness and ductility.
  2. High efficiency and low consumption
    The straight wire drawing machine is famous for its high efficiency and low cost. When it is applied, it will bring huge cost-reduction as a result of its low power consumption, high percent of pass and yield rate.

Equipment capacity: Maxi Line Diameter 6.5mm, tensile strength ≤ 1350MPa; mini outlet diameter 1.2mm.
Maxi drawing speed: 720m/min.
Braking capacity: under extreme speed, normal braking ≤ 50s, rapid braking ≤ 15s an emergency braking ≤ 3s.
Coil methods: spool payoff machine or trunk wire rewinding machine.

Mechanical characteristics
Main transmission adopts high-precision hard-toothed gear box, of which unique manufacturing process insures no oil leak at least in 3 years.
Surfacing (build-up welding) with the drawing drum leaves no groove in 3 years.
Main transmission parts should pass the dynamic balance test.

The equipment is equipped with a number of functions, including man-machine interaction, over-temperature protection for motor, water pressure abnormalities, full foot alarm and fault display, etc.

Straight line wire drawing machine is available for drawing welding wires (flux cored wire, submerged-arc welding wire, pas-shielded welding wire), steel wires (low, medium and high carbon steel wire), ss wire, spring wire, prestressed steel wire, hose wire, tyre wire, steel cord and electric wires (copper wire, aluminum wire) and allow steel wire and other metal wires.


Spec Draft Max inlet diameter Min inlet diameter capacity of electric motor Max speed Noise level
350 6-10 Φ 3.5mm Φ 0.6mm 7.5-11KW 20M/s 80-82dBA
400 6-10 Φ 4.2mm Φ 0.75mm 11-15KW 20M/s 80-82dBA
450 6-11 Φ 4.8mm Φ 1.0mm 15-22KW 18M/s 80-82dBA
500 6-12 Φ 5.0mm Φ 1.2mm 22-37KW 18M/s 80-82dBA
560 4-13 Φ 6.5mm Φ 1.4mm 22-45KW 18M/s 80-83dBA
600 4-13 Φ 7.0mm Φ 1.6mm 22-55KW 16M/s 80-83dBA
700 4-9 Φ 8.0mm Φ 2.2mm 45-75KW 12M/s 80-83dBA
900 6-10 Φ 14mm Φ 4.0mm 75-110KW 10M/s 80-83dBA
1200 1-9 Φ 16mm Φ 5.0mm 90-110KW 8M/s 80-83dBA

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