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New vertical wire take-up machine

Vertical wire take-up machine is a heat treatment follow-up equipment, which is a collection of take-up and pay-off. It is applied for taking-up low and high carbon steel and stainless steel wires, bare or coated, galvanizing or coating lines.

This machine is characterized by continuous production, heavy take-up spool, AC variable frequency control and smooth stepless speed.

Note: Vertical wire take-up machine can be designed according to our customers' particular requirements and technological parameters.

Main technology parameters:

TYPE A1000 B800 C600 D450
capstan diameter (mm) 1000 800 600 450
take-up (payoff) wire diameter (mm) 12.0-6.0 7.0-3.0 5.0-2.0 3.0-1.0
take-up (payoff) speed (m/min) <10 <20 <20 <25
motor power (KW) 5.0-3.0 3.0-2.2 2.2-1.0 0.75

Vertical wire take-up machine, capstan 450~1000mm, speed from 10 ~ 25 m/min


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