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Butt welding machine for successive wire drawing production

Butt welding refers to connecting similar parts without overlapping with each other. It is an economical and reliable way of jointing without additional components.

Wire butt welding machine uses the principle of butt welding to make successive production possible. One notable characteristic of our butt welding machine is adopting accurate welding pressure and a stronger welding strength.

Several types of butt welding machines are at stock. Each of them has its own special application. You will find the right one for your particular requirement.

TypeⅠ Versatile butt welding machine

Available for steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc. in the fields of electric cable & wires, wire-stretching and construction.


  1. Adjustable spring pressure makes the welding work runs smoothly.
  2. Easy moving.
  3. Easy operation.

Versatile butt welding machine, adjustable, easy operation

Type Ⅱ Manual butt welding machine

Manual butt welding machine means the welding pressure control is achieved by manual way. This type butt welding machine is mainly applied for round wire, flat wire, rebar steel made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as low carbon steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and so on. As it doesn't need air compressor, it is especially suitable for the construction field.

Technical parameters:

Machine Model Input Voltage(V) Input Power (KVA) No-load Voltage (V) Welding Surface (mm2) Input Current (A) Power Regulate Range
UN4-25KVA 380-440V 25 1.76-3.52 400 65 1-8 Taps
UN4-75KVA 380-440V 75 3.58-7.16 650 198 1-8 Taps
UN4-100KVA 380-440V 100 3.96-7.98 800 263 1-8 Taps
UN4-125KVA 380-440V 125 4.04-8.09 1000 328 1-8 Taps
UN4-150KVA 380-440V 150 4.13-8.26 1250 395 1-8 Taps

Manual butt welding machine for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Type Ⅲ ferrous wire butt welding machine

It is especially designed for welding ferrous wire conductor, for example, the cable of low carbon steel wire. Easy and flexible operation makes it an optimum butt welding machine for the accessories of wire drawing machine.

Technical parameters:

Model Inlet diameter Input power
Type A 1-7mm 7KW
Type B 2-10mm 10KW

Butt welding machine - Ferrous wire

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