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Versatile straightening and cutting machine

Wire straightening and cutting machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with wire drawing machines or mesh welding machines. It is wildly applied in automobile industry, metal processing industry, fabrication works and electrical industry.

Two types are provided to meet with your particular requirements.

  1. Straightening and cutting machine for ribbed wire
  2. Straightening and cutting machine for cold drawing wire

Straightening and cutting machine for ribbed wire

This machine is developed for cut-to-length rods with accurate length and good surface quality. The cutting system has two types. One by pneumatic clutch is suitable for mesh welding machines, and the other by servomotor-driven flying shear is ideal for frequent rod length changes. It is stilled equipped with a freely programmable control system for easy operation.
Straightening and cutting machine for ribbed wire


Technical parameters:

Components Technical specifications
Wire diameter Φ 6 - 12mm for round wire and cold-rolled ribbed wire
Φ 6 - 10mm for hot-rolled ribbed wire
Straightening speed 75-100-130m/min
Scope of length 800mm---12000mm(also can be adjusted by customers)
Linearity of straightening ≤2mm/m
Cut-to-length tolerance ±1mm
Total rated power 26KVA, 380V-60Hz
Total weight 4 tons
coil pay-off Vertical plate, With brake system by compressed air
trumpet Bell-mouthed
straightening unit Straightening blocks, turning unit
Cutting unit Special mechanical unit, clutch by compressed air
Discharge and collect unit 12m in length, driven by compressed air
Signal seat for cutting

Straightening and cutting machine for cold drawing wire

Applied for cold drawing wires - ferrous and non-ferrous. Wires can be cut to the desired length automatically.

Technical parameters:

  • Wire diameter: 3.5mm - 6.0mm
  • Scope of length: 3000mm - 8000mm
  • Straightening motor: 3KW
  • Cutting motor: 1.5KW

Straightening wire drawing machine for 6~12mm wire


Note: We still provide custom straightening and cutting machine to satisfy particular needs.

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